David Bates Memorial Park | Review

Imagine, for a moment, that you were just handed the keys to a beautiful home with 5 acres of lush green grass on the banks of the beautiful Iowa River. Sound like some kind of dream? Well, we found that this spot is as close as you will ever get to having a FREE Riverside Estate!

5+ acres of BEAUTIFUL grass! Lots of room to feel comfortable!

We really did enjoy our time at this spot and will likely find our way back here again! It gave us a chance to relax and catch up on things that have been accumulating for some time. Laundry was easy to do here because there was a seemingly unlimited supply of clean water for washing and rinsing.

Non-potable water is great for catching up on some laundry!

The large open green space gave us lots of room for Milo to run and enjoy himself! Lots of “ball time” and even a good brushing made this spot a pampering opportunity for our pretty boy!

Have to pose for a beauty shot right after some pamper time!

The ambitious water source allowed me to accomplish something that hasn’t happened before! A car wash!! We purchased our car over 9 months ago and the only washing it has ever received is from rainfall. This isn’t because I don’t appreciate our car, but generally speaking a freshly cleaned car only stays clean for a day or two before getting dusty, dirty, and muddy once again.

She still shines!

While enjoying our relaxing estate we thought it best to invite some company! Fellow Xscapers, Paul and Tiffany Shetka joined us on our last night in this spot! We enjoyed some down time getting to know them and learning about their version of full time RV life! We sure weren’t “stealth camping” when both rigs were perched up on the hill, but we didn’t care! We were enjoying ourselves too much to care!

Plenty of room to have a few rigs park together! Photo Cred: Tiffany Shetka

Located about 1.5 hours from the bustling hub of Iowa (Des Moines) we found that this spot was incredibly quiet, the locals are beyond cordial, and the nearest town of Union is very quaint and quite similar to the classic “midwest town” ideal that many are familiar with.

Union definitely shows her age but if you pay attention you can see buildings and houses that tell a story of what once was. According to information provided by the city the land the town sits on was untouched until 1849 when a family set up their roots in what will become Union. 1850 brought many settlers from North Carolina and the town started to take shape. With the fertile land and a nearby coal mine this town had everything necessary to produce a mini-metropolis, if you will.

An old city that clearly was once growing prosperously!

Other nearby towns and their amenities:

Marshalltown: probably the largest town nearby, only about 30 minutes from the park. The most notable mention is that it has a Walmart, although many other useful businesses can be found here as well. When we were there it appeared they were just struck by a tornado earlier in the year. The downtown area seems to be rebuilding still.

Eldora: a smaller town but still has a modestly sized HyVee, a beautiful County building and small shops dot the downtown area making it worthy of a day trip.

Ames/Des Moines: A longer drive will put you into some larger metropolitan areas that will have basically anything you could ever find yourself needing.