Who are we?

Well there’s no easy way to answer that question, we are a lot of things, we’re minimalist, we’re adventurers, hikers, maybe a little crazy, but above all; We’re Parents. The one thing that influences our thoughts and actions the most, is that we’re parents, and that is exactly what led us here.

June 11, 2016

The day that changed everything. It’s a common cliche to say that having kids changes everything in one’s life, and it was no different for us.

Before Harper was born we were focused on what we thought the “American Dream” was. We had full time jobs to afford our home, 2 car payments, all the other “toys” we opted to finance because we were under the impression that was the best way  to get what we thought we needed.

It didn’t take long after Harper’s arrival for us to realize our priorities had changed, we saw the “light” so to speak and realized it was more important to be there for our daughter than to have all these “things” and all the debt. So we got to work on finding out our options, we needed to find a way to regain our freedom.

Please accept this out of date, kind of awkward Video HERE as our way of explaining from there.