The HOME of Pullen Solar.

When we started our full-time journey almost 2 years ago now, we never expected to start a business and help our fellow RVers get solar installed on their RV! Here’s a little of how we got here:

I (Andrew) really believed it was a priority that we get solar installed on our RV. Generator gas is outrageous and RV Parks are even more expensive than generators! Solar powered was the only option. DIY was the only option. “If others can do it, then so can I!” Or at least that’s what I thought..

I didn’t just jump in the driver’s seat of my RV and suddenly know everything about the batteries, the inverters, and solar panels. I knew next to nothing about how to put together a GOOD Solar Array in the beginning. But through a lot of personal research, and even more “on the job training” I learned what it took to put together a quality, but still AFFORDABLE install! So thus enters my RV, the first install I coordinated all by myself. Looking back now, there’s things I would do differently, but I’m still VERY happy with our off-grid ability! We almost NEVER run our Generator!

A shot of our budget bought 235 Watt Solar panels. Thinking I may add another 600 Watts this year.

So, for the next 7 months after completing our own installation, I found myself having my hands in almost 10 installs! I had learned a lot, I owe so much of this knowledge to just a handful of people. I still reach out to many of them from time to time just to clarify things and ensure I’m doing my installs the safest way I can!

I started becoming very aware to people’s solar and battery systems, and I was always curious to look at other setups. I even found myself critiquing in my head about how I would clean something up, or use different equipment. But then the bad installs started showing up… Community members, friends, good honest people started having these TERRIBLE installs done by companies that claimed to be knowledgeable about it. It wasn’t just sloppy, a few of the installs were downright UNSAFE! It was lucky some of these installs hadn’t caused a fire, they were that poorly done.

So that’s when I had enough. That’s when I decided another quality installer was needed, and when I say Another, I am tipping my hat to every other quality installer out there! We’re technically “competition” but, I’m just happy to see others out there not trying to rip people off, and completing safe installs.


For a better look at the types of professional installs I do, please visit our Facebook Page and view our albums.